Sports Themed Fifth Birthday Party

I’ve partnered with the featured brands to share how we threw a sports themed fifth birthday party for Graydon.

Sports Themed Fifth Birthday Party


It was a big year for Graydon. He played his first year of t-ball, and started his second year of t-ball. Graydon learned how to ride a bike (no training wheels). Academically, Graydon ended his fourth year being able to count to 350 and can read small books. He has a handful of site words down, and is a rockstar at phonetic awareness.

Graydon loves all sports (hence the sports themed fifth birthday party) and is a big fan of any team that is purple. Which so nicely leads into sharing that his very favorite color is PURPLE!

Graydon also loves playing Yahtzee. As of right now he is a math guru. He loves numbers. I’ll embarrass him real quick and share that while this kid uses the bathroom he finds the nearest bottle and just counts the letters.

What: Birthday Party

I decorated with a sports themed with help from Charli Bears Closet and Itty Bits Designs. Charli Bears Closet made the cutest football name sign and Itty Bits Designs made the perfect sports themed number 5!

The food was perfect and so delicious. Having Red Robin cater the party made it so much easier on myself, and the food was definitely a hit. We had everything from Pretzel bites to delicious sandwiches, and everything tasted amazing!

We had the perfect favors with our Junkless granola bars! “JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars are family-friendly, better-for-you snacks that are minimally processed, contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, are Non-GMO Project Verified and contain 6 grams or less of sugar. No junk, and they taste good.”


Graydon was styling in his gear from his favorite team, the Clemson Tigers! He even had some awesome shoelaces from Snaplaces with the Clemson Tiger paw on them!!

When: March 17th 2019

Where: NW Athletic Center

Who knew celebrating a fifth birthday could be such a hit! There was every sport imaginable and even a bouncy house you guys. We were going to hire one, but heard about a bounce house for sale from some friends and decided it made more sense to buy one than hire one every year.

There was more space than we could ask for and the kids had a blast.

The kids ran from baseball to soccer to the bouncy house, and I am sure that every single one of them slept amazing that night.

Coming from a kid who has gone to Disneyland for his birthday every year until now – this place is the place for a party. Graydon says that he would rather have a birthday party than go to Disneyland, which says a lot you guys!

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