Adventures with Tula Baby and Choosing the Right Carrier

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Adventures with Tula Baby


Babywearing is a part of my motherhood journey. Thousands of times I’ve buckled a carrier around my waste. Thousands of times I’ve lifted a part of my heart to carry, snuggled on my chest.

Together, with each of my babies, we’ve had adventures while baby wearing. Together, with each of my babies, I’ve survived motherhood, while baby wearing.

Here I am with my littlest baby, my last baby, for one more babywearing adventure with Tula Baby.

Choosing the Right Tula

Tula has a variety of carriers…

  • Explore
  • Free to Grow
  • Standard
  • Toddler
  • Wrap Converison
  • Half Buckle

You can see the similarities and differences in all of the carriers on their website here.

For our needs and my interests we went with an Explore, Free to Grow and a Half Buckle.

Free to Grow

This was my first Tula Baby carrier. It’s simple, easy to use and perfect to use right from the beginning. It can be used from 7-45 lbs, and in my opinion is the best option for little babies. I was able to get such a great fit from the very beginning and Brinley loves it!

There are three different options for the adjustable base allowing you to get the perfect fit as well.

Wrap Conversion

As someone who loves wraps, but lacks the amount of time it takes to wrap – this was a must have for me. The cross straps give it the customizable snug fit of a wrap that I love, without the time and effort that wrapping can take.

This is by far my post comfortable carrier and is a must for when I will be wearing her for extended periods of time and for naps.


Brinley has two brothers, and I am certain because of this, she also has FOMO (fear of missing out).

I love that the explore has the forward facing option. She is able to face out and see the world, or just feel like she is keeping up with her crazy brothers! Furthermore, It’s allows me to be hands free instead of holding her facing out (which she also loves).

Each Tula baby carrier that we have used has been nothing short of awesome. They’re easy to use, comfortable, convenient, and come in some great prints. Moreover, it keeps Brinley right where she loves to be, and my hands free for my other babies.


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