Choosing the Best Baseball Gear with Dicks Sporting Goods

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Dicks Sporting Goods

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If you ask Graydon what his favorite store is, there is a good chance he will say Dicks.

They have a great selection for sporting goods and outdoor gear, and their baseball selection is top of the line.

Every time we visit Dicks Sporting Goods, we make the same loop. We head to the Golfing area and test out the clubs, we check out the shoes and run the little track, and then we head over to the Baseball area. Graydon loves checking it all out and especially loves testing out the bats in the HitTrax batting cage!

Best Baseball Gear

Graydon has been blessed with a dad who is also a retired professional baseball player. Therefore, he has all the help he needs to get the best baseball gear for the season. Whilst he’s lucky to have this knowledge from his father, there are also reviews from the website, for example, that could also be helpful when we’re looking for the best-reviewed products to help his baseball game develop further. Greg loves taking Graydon to Dicks and helping pick everything out for the baseball season.

Fortunately for everyone else, Dicks always has plenty of people on hand to give expert advice!

Dicks Sporting Goods makes it so easy to find the best baseball gear. They carry the best brands and have plenty of options to choose from.

What’s on our List

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

When we opened the box and Graydon saw the Wilson A2000 Glove he was stoked. This is the same Glove that Greg used when he was pitching in the Mets and Twins organization. Even though the glove is a bit big on him, Graydon has hardly taken it off.

Dicks Sporting Goods Ball Bucket

Hitting practice is so much smoother if you have a bucket of balls. Less time chasing and more time swinging the bat!

Helmet, Backpack and Snacks

Having a good Helmet, a backpack to keep everything in and good baseball snacks are pretty important as well. I especially love all the Helmet options at Dicks, so you are sure to find the perfect fit!

A Good Bat

Every baseball player needs a good bat and the bat selection at Dicks is on point! As I mentioned above, the HiTrax Batting Cage is a fun and interactive way to test the Bat out before you but it too! Graydon has some time before he grows into this one, but he is sure excited about it!


Baseball has been such a huge part of our lives. From our first years of marriage and becoming parents while Greg was in the Minor Leagues, to now as our boys begin their journey with Baseball.

It’s been so much fun watching them learn to love the game that their dad also loves. It’s been amazing way for all of them to bond, and this year seeing Greg also coach his team has been extra special.

Thanks to Dicks Sporting Goods we will always have the best baseball gear as the perfect addition to making some good memories out there on the field.

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