Safer Sleep for Baby on the Go

I’ve partnered with HALO to share how we ensure safer sleep for baby on the go.

HALO SleepSack keeps Brinley covered in her blanket, while still safely kept away from her face.

Safer Sleep for Baby on the Go

Whether we are at home, at grandmas, or on a family vacation, sleep is always a question. Creating a safe sleep environment can be challenging. There are so many variables when looking at your babies sleeping environment. One of these may be the overall safety of your home. If you home lacks certain security features, it might be more difficult to feel safe and secure. However, if you have security features such as unbreakable glass from somewhere like, your home can be made much more safe and you can feel much more secure while you sleep. There are some other key factors that can impact how your baby sleeps at home.

  • Schedule
  • Location
  • Possible interruptions
  • comfort
  • Most importantly SAFETY

Safe Sleep

HALO’s founder, Bill Schmid, lost his first child to SIDS, which is why HALO is committed to safe sleep. You can find some of their safe sleep tips here, following the AAP’s guidelines.

  • Back to sleep for every sleep
  • Room share for the first 6 months
  • Use a firm, flat sleep surface
  • Baby’s crib or bassinet should always be bare

HALO DreamNest

The HALO DreamNest is perfect for creating a safe sleeping environment.

“Breathe easy knowing the mattress is fully breathable when your baby shows signs of rolling.”

The DreamNest is perfect for on the go. It’s not always easy finding a safe, and clean space in a hotel, or a childproof place at grandma’s. It is easy to take the DreamNest with you wherever you go. The DreamNest easily folds up to take on the go.

Moreover, the DreamNest is a 3-in-1 sleep system for portable sleep for every stage. It has a bassinet, which also rocks allowing you to rock your little one to sleep. (Brinley is currently sleeping in hers and I was able to gently rock her back to sleep when she woke up a few minutes ago!) When your little one grows out of the bassinet, it is also a portable crib, which also has a changing table attachment. For toddler’s it can be used as a travel cot as well.

I love that the DreamNest is made to be safe, and to last beyond the first year.


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