Special Moments with FAGE

This post is sponsored by FAGE.


Ever since Graydon was about two years old he would always ask for the “two-sided yogurt”, also known as the FAGE Total Split Cup. Blueberry was always his favorite, but he also loved trying the different flavors. I’ll always remember him asking to stir in the fruit and yogurt himself as he became more and more independent.

Now, as a five-year-old, FAGE continues to fill his belly and our fridge. Moreover, we continue creating these special moments with FAGE.


Every Day with FAGE

FAGE has become part of our daily routine. The boys start their day off with FAGE Total Split Cup, or we use FAGE Total plain for our smoothies.


For our smoothies, I love that FAGE Total plain Greek yogurt has no added sugar and live active cultures. Not to mention it adds a nice boost of protein to their fruit and veggie filled smoothie!



Starting our day with a healthy, simple, low-sugar breakfast is always a plus. I’ve found that so many yogurts are filled with sugar, while FAGE Total Split Cups have 30% less sugar! They are also filled with protein and require no breakfast prep on my end.


The boys not only love the FAGE Total Split Cups for breakfast, but for snacks as well. I’ll never say no to a Non-GMO, protein packed, low-sugar snack!


Special Moments with FAGE

Every Sunday, Graydon wakes up, excited that it’s his special day. He looks forward to playing flag football, spending time with his Grandpa, and his “special night snack” with me. About a month ago on Graydon’s birthday I ate a yogurt with him for a little snack before bed. He thought it was the best thing ever, so we planned to make it a once a week thing.


It transitioned from just me and him, to including his brother, because he didn’t want Beckett to feel left out.


So now, every Sunday night, we grab three FAGE Total Split Cup yogurts for a before bed snack and little chat. These are the special moments I hope I will never forget and I’m so glad that FAGE can be a part of those moments!

I love that this healthy, low-sugar snack is like a special treat for the boys. Their taste and liking to different foods, especially healthier options, seem to change daily, but at least I can always count on FAGE as a snack they love!


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