Fiesta Themed Graduation Party

Sharing Graydon’s fiesta themed graduation party, sponsored by Oriental Trading Company.

Fiesta Themed Graduation Party

I can’t believe my oldest baby has graduated preschool! It was such a fun year at Riverside Performing Arts and he learned so much over the year.

I saw a meme the other day, joking about preschool graduation before you become a mom. It says, “what are they even graduating from? NAP TIME?”  Now here I am so excited for graduation and even throwing him a party!


I found the coolest decor from Oriental Trading Company. They had everything we needed our Fiesta!

They had everything from a piñata to little graduation ducks for his class!

Moreover, they have fun games that double as decorations, like this cool cactus game!

Preschool Graduation

Graydon has grown so much over this year and it has been so fun watching him. In pre-k Graydon improved his hand writing skills, learned how to read, and so much more!

It has also been fun watching him make friends and adapt to an environment without mom and dad. I’m so glad he had the opportunity to go to such an amazing preschool with equally amazing teachers!

It may have been “just preschool graduation”, but to us it was much more than that, and well worth a family fiesta!

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