Learning with LeapBuilders Elephant

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As a teacher, education is very important to me, but at such a young age, development comes first. This is why I love incorporating education into everyday play. I love that the LeapFrog® LeapBuilders® Fruit Fun ElephantTM is not only a fun toy, but educational as well.

LeapBuilders Elephant

The LeapFrog® LeapBuilders® Fruit Fun ElephantTM is a 21 piece set building toy.  It not only includes blocks, but a smart star cube. Children are able to insert different blocks into the cube to hear different sounds and phrases.

Fine Motor Skills

Pushing buttons, building the blocks, and inserting the blocks into the cube allow children to work on their fine motor skills. The toy is simple enough for a two year old to use, but challenging enough to work on those fine motor skills.


The Smart Star Cube is perfect or teaching colors, letters, numbers and so much more. Children can insert the blocks and hear the cube share what’s on it.

Imaginative Play

Children can choose to build the elephant and insert different blocks for learning. Moreover, they can choose not to follow the directions.

I love that I can leave B to play independently and build what he wants, using his imagination.

Allowing children to use their imagination and play independently is so important!

Music and Dance

The cube also plays different songs, which is a great way for kids to take a break from sitting and get up and dance! Whenever B has been sitting too long he loves to push the music button and take a dancing break.  It’s so important to have a balance in education. Combining all of these different skills makes learning fun and easy!

Balanced Learning

At such a young age, we take education and learning pretty light around here. We learn through play and I allow the kids to take the lead on most activities. I love toys like the LeapFrog® LeapBuilders® Fruit Fun ElephantTM, because the kids see it as play time.

B can take the lead and choose what he wants to learn, based off of what blocks he is curious about. Having ownership over ones education is so important to me and the Fruit Fun Elephant gives us just that!

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