A Germ Free Phone with Tech21

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A Germ Free Phone with Tech21

I’ve heard time and time again, just how much bacteria is found on cell phones. Our phones go everywhere with us. As a way to communicate, tell time, find directions, check the weather, and so much more – they’ve become an essential part of our day. Unfortunately that means the bacteria on our phones is constantly being transferred to us, and at times even our children.

Moreover, as much as I try to keep my phone away from my kids, they seem to find it. As much as I hate the thought of a dirty phone, it’s even worse thinking about my kids touching it.

With Tech21, I can rest easier. The Tech21 phone cases have antimicrobial protection. This means it reduces germs by up to 99.99%.

Tech21 even sent a germ kit, and I was able to see the ZERO germ growth with my new case, compared to the germ growth on my old case.

I feel so much better having a phone case that keeps my phone clean.

Safe and Clean

The Tech21 cases are more than just antimicrobial cases. These cases are also drop proof – 8 ft or more!

With kids and as a mom on the go, clean and drop proof are two essentials. These cases are also cute and fun. With three case styles, they have a phone case for everyone! I have the studio colour, which is thin, light and fun!

Germ Kit

With the germ kit, I swabbed both of my phones with either side. I then let it sit for about a week.

After a week I saw NOTHING on the side that I swabbed the Tech21 case. On the other side, I swabbed my old case (that had been sitting in a drawer for a few days). I was amazed to see the growth on my old case. YUCK

It is no wonder Tech21 is the second most purchased phone case brand in the US.  Use code ASHLEY10 for 10% off!

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