A Socially Distanced Father’s Day

Celebrating Dad for a Socially Distanced Father’s Day

There is no question about it, Covid-19 has brought a lot of challenges. Despite the difficulties, the slowness of life has brought a lot of joy into our home. We can’t take for granted the amount of time Greg has had with the kids over the past couple of months.

Unfortunately for some, Covid-19 has brought much sorrow. My father-in-law recently lost his dad, and my husband lost his grandfather. Although, not due to Covid – it was during a time that made things more difficult none the less.

We couldn’t go for one last visit. Furthermore, we couldn’t surround family with hugs and love during this difficult time.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2020 will definitely be one to remember. For some it has meant more time with dad. While, for others, it has meant months away from dad.

Whether you are able to hug your husband, father, grandpa, or any father figure in your life at the moment or not, they’re worth celebrating.

Celebrating Dad


You guys, it’s baseball season. I don’t care if it’s on TV or not – it needs to be celebrated, well at least in our home! Whatever sport your family is missing, bring it back for Father’s Day.

  • Start a makeshift baseball season. My boys scheduled an entire season with JUST THEM.
  • Stream an old game over FaceTime or zoom. Grill up some hot dogs, break out your favorite drinks and watch your favorite game from any season prior to this year. For us, that would be the Mariners 95′ (I think).
  • Play a sports themed board game.


I don’t know about you, but I have missed traveling! For Father’s Day I am writing up a complete getaway itinerary . Well, maybe not too detailed, but at least something to look forward to! Tentatively, I am thinking a national park road trip. It’s between Glacier and Zion as of right now.


Well this is the obvious. Send a gift to dad to let him know you care, you’re thinking of him and you can’t wait to give him a hug.

If you’re not quarantined away from him (or shopping for your husband), get a gift to celebrate the slow quality time you’ve been able to spend with him during this time.

Socially Distanced Father’s Day

Baseballisms (gifted)

To remind him that we have’t forgotten about baseball. That we can still play backyard baseball, plan for next season, and watch old games.

Mancrates (gifted)

AKA my go to for all dad gifts. I went with the Bass Whisperer Crate, because of the amount of fishing him and the boys have been able to do during this time.

Baseball and fishing are two things that the boys have been enjoying so much during the past couple of months. I have absolutely loved watching their relationship grow as they spend hours each day doing some of their favorite things.

A Mancrate and tee from Baseballisms is just a little something to show that we are thankful for all that he does.



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