10 Things About Us:

1.) We are high school sweet hearts
2.) Most of our relationship has been long distance
3.) Married Nov. 21, 2012
4.) We enjoy hiking, sports, and being outdoors
5.) We had our first baby on March 17, 2014, and our second August 5, 2016
6.) We like to find restaurants featured on the food network wherever we go
7.) We enjoy watching The Office, and other binge worthy shows on Netflix
8.) You can find us browsing Target at least once a week
9.)  We live in Washington State and love the PNW
10.) We love to travel with our boys


10 Things About Me:

1.) I was born in Virginia and spent 6 months living in Korea (dad was in the army), but raised in the Pacific Northwest
2.) I am half Chinese and my middle name is Ahn (pronounced on)
3.) I try to do the whole natural living, healthy mom, fit mom thing, but I have the more than occasional slip
4.) My husband played professional baseball – and we lived a crazy baseball lifestyle for 5 years
5.) I am a special education teacher, turned stay at home mom. I taught in a middle school life skills class for two years, any loved every minute of it.
6.) I enjoy staying active
7.) My love language is quality time
8.) I enjoy reading – Unbroken is my all time favorite
9.) I love blogging, and writing!
10.)  I’m a child of God